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Daily Life




Afternoon, evening, and weekend hours are as important in the life and development of a Hampshire Country School student as are the hours spent in class. Faculty members are fully involved with students throughout the day: they eat meals with students in the school dining room; participate in afternoon and weekend activities; help with homework; and say good night at bedtime.

Faculty are also actively involved in helping students struggle through the stresses and challenges of living with other people and growing up. It is the after-school and weekend hours that make Hampshire Country School the unusual place that it is. A dorm is not just a place to reside. Instead, it is the dynamic, home-style center of a student’s life.

The dorm is where a boy laughs and plays, argues and resists, helps to perform household chores and cook weekend breakfasts, grapples with homework, and practices lines for a play or his part in a brass ensemble.

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