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Frequently Asked Questions

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The tuition for the 2020-21 school year is $65,000.
Tuition covers room and board, school supplies, most activities, and most school trips. Personal expenses and supplies are not included. Ski trips cost extra. Students receive a $5 weekly allowance and $10 to $15 spending money on certain trips. These are billed to parents. Students are not permitted to have additional spending money.
We are not able to offer any financial aid.
Three or four years is typical, but there is no standard length of time or standard goal. Students should stay long enough that they enjoy and benefit from being where they are successful and liked and are receiving a good education. They typically transfer to another school when they have taken full advantage of Hampshire Country School and another school now has more to offer. 
International students may be accepted, but there are no special programs for international students and the school does not teach English as a Second Language.
No. All students are full-time seven-day boarding students.
Students wear their own clothes for school but dress in shirts, ties, and jackets for Sunday dinner and special school events.
Quite possibly. Hampshire Country School is designed to focus on its students’ high ability while accommodating behaviors which may have been extremely difficult elsewhere and may have been given a variety of diagnoses. It is not unusual for very bright children to have such difficulties as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, nonverbal learning disabilities, or executive function disorder; and certain aspects of a child’s high ability may mimic such disorders.

Most applications begin with an online inquiry or phone inquiry, followed by an extended discussion between parents and the admissions director to determine the likelihood of a good match between the student and Hampshire Country School. Click here to read about our application process.


Although we have a rolling admissions policy and consider applications year round, the best time to enroll is in September at the start of the new school year. We do accept mid-year applications if there is a vacancy that will fit a particular student. Should you have any questions during the application process, please contact the Admissions Office.