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Head of School Welcome

HoSI believe in Hampshire Country School because I believe in community, trust, and play as powerful tools for learning in life. I discovered HCS in 2015 and I felt like I’d been struck by lightning. I worked as a dorm parent while working on my dissertation but then left the school to care for my grandmother.
I missed the snowy walk to school and the slow pace of life immediately. I realized how rare and precious it was to be a part of a community whose mission I believed in wholeheartedly.
After being away for three years, I returned to HCS in 2019 as Principal to ensure a smooth transition to the role of Head of School. I was excited to hook my wagon back up to a community that celebrates the small wonders of the world — the grass, cows, sunshine, ice, and most of all, the human beings who make HCS so special.
In a tense and anxious world, HCS stands for something vital. It practices the art of taking a breath and letting go. It practices the art of seeing people well and valuing them as they are. It knows that new relationships and new chances allow humans new possibilities - and that all humans need help to see and understand their own deep value. We all deserve chances to discover and re-tell our own stories.
My vision moving forward is to continue the core work of HCS and to also simplify how we do that work, refreshing the language and practices to help us re-center on being “family style,” recognizing that the definition of “family style” continues to evolve.

HCS will continue to focus on human learning as a community practice and will remain committed to the beautiful and tangled realities of “life together,” knowing that humans learn gratitude, peace, and cooperation by being given the chance to practice them in daily life. Those of us who work at HCS practice it every day — and we are lucky enough to do so with our smart, winsome, and wonderful boys.
Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Elizabeth Bruno
Head of School
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