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Secondary Program



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Secondary school students (grades 7 to 9) have 5 core class periods for which they move from one teacher to another. All students take English, science, math, history or social studies, and a foreign language. The formal courses end at 2:45 and are followed by two “elective” periods of mini courses and activities which change every few weeks.


Students may be taught in classes together. In any particular year, only a limited number of different courses are offered, but over a few years a wide range of subjects are covered. For instance, all high school students might study physical science one year and environmental science the next year, rather than having each course associated with a particular grade. Similarly, a student who spends three high school years at Hampshire Country School might study U.S. history, ancient civilizations, and modern world history during his three years, but not in a particular order.


English courses focus on writing skills, literature, grammar, and spelling. Math courses range from basic math through Algebra 2 and Geometry, with pre-calculus occasionally available. Science courses may include Earth Science, Life Science, General Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Chemistry. Social studies courses may include U.S. History, World Geography, Twentieth Century History, and Ancient Civilizations. A foreign language is taught on a beginning and intermediate level.