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Seeing our students learn in class and outside of class, in many formal and informal ways while hiking, sledding, skiing, making pottery, or taking care of the animals on the wintry farm, reminds me every day what a beautiful and unique place Hampshire Country School is. We are spontaneous and creative as a school community, and this approach fosters and leverages those qualities in our students.

We seize on every learning opportunity no matter how large or small. Your support, oftentimes in honor of a special person or program or in recognition of the special work we do here, creates many of those opportunities.



Donations to our Annual Fund are important to our program. The Annual Fund enables us to incorporate new ideas and programs, it might pay for a necessary repair, or it is used to pay for training for our faculty.

The Annual Fund provides us with safety and reassurance, and it allows us to be spontaneous and creative. Use your donation to the Annual Fund as a way to recognize the work we have done and continue to do at Hampshire Country School. We here at Hampshire Country School are grateful for your generosity, and we use your money to improve the experience of our students.



  • Creates opportunities
  • Directly supports faculty and students
  • Honors or recognizes individuals




  • Educational technology
  • Off-campus trip fund
  • Equipment for farm program
  • Capital and facilities fund




  • Online via Paypal (Please see button below).
  • Send a check by mail
  • Call to give via credit card or transfer of securities