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The Legacy Initiative

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Hampshire Country School,
Hampshire Country School (HCS) has embarked on a special campaign to build a fund to preserve the legacy of Dr. William ‘Bill’ Dickerman called The Legacy Initiative.
Bill served HCS for almost fifty of its 72-year existence. Every year he honored students with the gifts of his wisdom, educational philosophy, abiding respect for them, and his love for our 1,700 acres. Upon his death, he further honored students, alumni, parents, and grandparents by bequeathing a substantial amount of his estate to HCS.
In his honor, the Board of Trustees has established The Legacy Initiative, designating $100,000 from Bill’s gifts as the cornerstone and hoping to match this amount now, and then add to it over time. These funds will help ensure that Bill's legacy will serve our students far into the future.
HCS Board participation in this special campaign is 100%, and we invite you to join us in honoring Bill.
There are many ways to give - and here are some of your donation options:
  • Immediate Gift
  • Multiple Year Pledge
  • Monthly Gift
You may give a combination of the above options and also invite a relative or friend to make a gift.
Click on the button below to make your online donation now - or you may send your gift by mail to Hampshire Country School at the address below.
If you are unable or choose not to make a donation at this time, we encourage you and anyone in your family to send a memory, a story, a photo, or a video about Bill to add to our Memory Book. Some of these “memories” will be read aloud and shown as part of an anticipated online celebration of life at a later time. This Memory Book will be permanently available in the HCS library and on our website.
Click on the button below to submit your reflections and memories of Bill - or you can send them via mail to Hampshire Country School at the address below.
Your generosity ensures a bright future for Hampshire Country School, by helping students succeed, strengthening our mission, enriching campus life, and preserving the School's unique history.
On behalf of the HCS Board of Trustees and Head of School, we send you our heartfelt thanks,
David Schaffer, President
HCS Board of Trustees
Please mail your gift and remembrances of Bill Dickerman to the address below:main house
Hampshire Country School
% The Legacy Initiative
28 Patey Circle
Rindge, NH 03461
If you have any questions regarding The Legacy Initiative or your donation options, please contact HCS by clicking on the link below.
Personal Reflections of Bill Dickerman
by Liz Bruno, Head of School
In his tenure at HCS, Bill often counseled adults to remember this principle: If you stay aware of and celebrate what kids do right, the positive will grow, and the negative will wither. As HCS moves into the future without Bill's trumpet and clarinet echoing in the halls, his quiet presence on a rock, and his canoe paddle slicing through Island Pond, we commit to carrying his spirit, wisdom, and gentleness forward.
We invite you and others for whom this mission has been life-giving to help us keep Bill's vision alive. We invite words to celebrate his life and financial gifts to help us stay the course in some of the following ways (see right-hand column of page).
Personal Reflections of Bill Dickerman
Liz Bruno, Head of School
Bill understood that fun and friendship are powerful. At HCS boys often make their first meaningful friendships. They experience connections they did not know were possible for them through a curriculum and activities organized around shared interests and community celebrations.
Your gift will enhance student connections through music, theater, art, and a tinker workshop.
Bill believed in the power of nature and its life-affirming properties. He was ahead of the curve in this respect and used the outdoors in whole student learning before the idea gained attention worldwide. Our boys find success and joy in the outdoors. We are blessed with our nature curriculum.
Your gift will provide the resources that are needed to properly preserve our campus outdoor laboratory.
Bill understood the importance of a sense of safety and trust as foundations for children to learn and thrive. He sought practices that allowed students to feel emotionally and socially secure. In an anxious world, it is important that HCS be a safe and secure place allowing students to learn and grow.
Your gift will help to continue this vision of creating a 'safe haven' where we can build a stronger training for faculty.