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Timbertop Summer Camp


For your reference, below is information from our July 2020 Timbertop Summer Camp.

Timbertop Camp, the Hampshire Country School’s summer program, is a small sleep-away camp for boys ages 8 to 15 who are generally more successful in settings with a high level of adult interaction.

Timbertop campers enjoy being outside and exploring the world around them but sometimes have difficulties navigating the complex social situations that emerge in larger, less personal, camps. Timbertop Campers benefit from a safe and nurturing sleep-away experience that allows them to relax and form lasting friendships.

Campers sleep in dormitory-type cabins in a single or double room. Most meals are eaten in our dining room, and campers participate in a structured day filled with traditional camp activities, such as swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, drama, climbing wall, nature hikes, and various other activities.

Throughout the session, we provide campers with opportunities to learn many outdoor living skills, including how to build shelters in the woods, pitch tents efficiently, build good cooking fires, cook meals over open fires, and purify water for drinking. For these activities, campers will sleep in tents on our property and at nearby state park camping facilities. These meals are prepared by the group and eaten at the campsites.

Campers also have opportunities to participate in activities on our working farm. Some of these activities include feeding and watering the animals, gathering fresh eggs and harvesting vegetables for our kitchen, and assisting the farmer in moving herds of sheep and goats.